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A Christian-based Life Coach focused on helping you restore or assist in any kind of  relationship, repairing communication building barriers,

work on inner healing to find restoration and freedom, and grow in a deeper walk with The Creator.

Together we will discover your purpose and passion for your life.

A Christian-based Life Coach focused on helping you restore or assist in any kind of relationship, repairing communication building barriers, working on inner healing to find restoration and freedom, and growing a deeper walk with your Creator. Together we will discover your purpose and passion for your life.



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As a counselor I have come to realize that the number one question people search for an answer is, “what was I created for?” While we are in this world we experience accomplishments in life, retire, and never understand what God’s plan was for us.

So many people live their life then die without understanding who they were reallpurposed to become. Some never discover and unleash the hidden potential within

themselve themselves. Everyone’s purpose is found in the mind of the Creator. As you read this book, my prayer is that you discover your purpose, and awaken to who God created you to be.

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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is profoundly different from mentoring, advice, or therapy. The coaching process addresses personal goals, business objectives, and transitions in a client’s personal life, such as new relationships or a change in your profession by analyzing what is currently happening in your life, identifying your obstacles and creating a plan of action in order to achieve your goal.


   What Our Clients

Are Saying


What Our Clients Are Saying 

Julia P./Client


I feel his extensive background and experience plays a direct part in how Dr. Richardson is able to transcribe a person’s life and create a plan that works amazingly.  Thanks to Dr. Richardson I was able to take the right steps toward achieving my goal, -Julie P.

Steven .B/Client-Corporate


Dr. Richardson’s advice has been very valuable to me. He has a way of filtering out the “noise” and getting to the root of any roadblocks. I know I can count on him to provide me the wisdom and guidance to get to that “next level.”  -Steven B.

Towanda W./Client


Dr. Richardson has a sharp listening ear. He quickly taps into the root of the issue. I have been amazed by his honest perspective. My personal growth has been enhanced by working with Dr. Richardson. Thank you! -Towanda W.

David W./Corporate Client


His approach is unlike anything I’ve seen before. it was as he understood my vision and know exactly where I was and offered me insight and clarity for the next phase of my business. -David W.

Tami S./Client


Dr. Richardson shares his insight and wisdom while following a firm direction.  His God-like love and patience are qualities used to guide you as you conquer your challenges.  The old you falls away as the new is revealed. Chaos is replaced with peace. -Tami S.

Sandra P./Client


Dr. Richardson was able to identify what was causing me to struggle and created a plan that allowed me to successfully defeat my problem. Without Dr. Richardson’s help navigating my life, I don’t know where I would be today.  -Sandra P.

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